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About us

       Koyunbaba Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, after nearly 20 years of precipitation accumulation and team's unremitting efforts, is now a large classical guitar accessories manufacturing company. The company believes that the world's musical instrument industry dedicated to a better quality, more perfect guitar products as its own responsibility, adhering to the "integrity, quality" craftsman ingenuity, adhere to product quality excellence, meticulous, and strive to perfect, and strive to provide the most satisfactory performance for the majority of guitar lovers. In today's increasingly fierce brand competition, the main brand of Coyongbaba series with exquisite craftsmanship, excellent elegant modeling, professional sound quality and stability, as one of the representative brands of Chinese musical instruments, exported to home and abroad, won wide acclaim. Our products include all kinds of medium and high end classical guitars, professional guitar accessories and peripheral products. Especially in recent years, the company stands on the strategic height of foresight, devotes itself to the development of diversified fields, cooperates with famous musical instrument manufacturers such as Germany, Italy, Spain and the United States, has extensive and in-depth cooperation in the development, innovation and application of accessories products, and actively expands the music and cultural industry for the vast number of guitars. Enthusiasts provide a platform for communication and sharing.